Have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of building a licensing solution in-house vs purchasing a commercial system? Is the ROI in both tangible and intangible making sense for your developement supply chain? We compare both options and help calculate the savings.

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Consultative A common mistake that companies make when it comes to software licensing is spending time, resources, and a lot of money, on trying to develop their own in-house licensing system. Even with amazing software engineers on staff, license management is generally not within your core competence. The same way you probably didn’t build your own CRM or ERP, you may not want to build your own licensing. Looking for a third-party license management solution, as opposed to trying to build it in-house, makes good sense for most companies.

There are certainly cases where companies have successfully developed their own licensing platforms, but they often find that that the real issue is that their business has quickly outgrown their homegrown licensing solutions. That can cause massive technical issues, weighing them down with additional staffing requirements, while at the same time delivering a poor customer experience to the end-users.

A solution that worked in the past for a smaller company may no longer work for a company that’s now grown, or intends to grow, and needs a different type of licensing

The Build vs Buy Dilemma

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