The Digital Industries Process Automation division of Siemens AG sells to the highly-competitive process industry, with customers including companies in the chemical, pharma, and food & beverage businesses. As the primary interface between plant production and corporate management, the SIMATIC WinCC system is a key component in the digitization of industrial processes.

As a long-time user of Thales Sentinel hardware-based licensing technology, Siemens sought to add more flexibility while continuing to securely license its process management software and in particular its unique add-ons which offer such a strong competitive advantage. Siemens’ first step in finding a license management solution for its software add-ons was to determine what it was looking for in an improved licensing system.

Because its software is deployed worldwide and sold through its direct sales force as well as various machine manufacturers, Siemens determined that secure licensing continued to be a top priority. The company needed a high level of control over license delivery — to avoid misuse, to maintain license compliance, and to ensure channel partner compliance when dealing with end customers.

Siemens Digital Industries Process Automation chose a Thales Sentinel solution for its SIMATIC WinCC Add-Ons because it’s technology is both proven and flexible, enabling Siemens to meet their needs both today and in the future. The Thales solution includes different types of technology keys to enforce licensing.

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  • What were the functions for the SIMATIC WinCC which can be expanded using SIMATIC WinCC Add-Ons?
  • What were the features Siemens required for its process management software?
  • How was Siemens able to increase its revenue, streamline operations, and reduce operational costs?