An easy way to start your software monetization journey will be using a starter kit called Thales Sentinel LDK starter kit.  A new customer will need to have this kit in order to have a unique batch code, commonly referred as customer code, in order to start using the solution. Generally, Thales Sentinel utilises a subscription model for its software monetization solutions. However, we understand that not all business will suit the subscription model, or might have other concerns with regards to their business model or requirements. Therefore, as a professional consultative distributor of Thales’ software monetization solutions, Matrix Invent is able to discuss with potential clients to find the right fit of business and licensing models that is unique to each organization.

Sentinel LDK 8.x

License Development Kit that comes with a SD memory card that include the latest version of the LDK software.  This starter kit also comes with a batch code, a master key for authorizing and entitlement of license, a developer key to encrypt or obfuscate the intended codes to be protected.  It comes with an Envelop module with the developer who can be authorized to use this function via the developer key.  It also comes with Entitlement Management System (EMS) that provide licensing tools include create, maintain, and record all licenses of a software vendor issuing to its customer.

Sentinel HL Key

Hardware enforcement key or commonly referred as hardware USB dongle.  This is a method where a software vendor will issue a license to a customer uses USB key for protection.  With the use of the key, only unauthorized person with the key can access to the licensed software base on the business models pre-defined like subscription of 6 months or 12 months.  The key advantage of the hardware key is allowing a user to use licensed software from different computers.  In some use cases where offline usage or military oriented industry will prefer hardware dongle due confidentiality of the end customer’s environment.  HL key also have a strong secure function called App-On Chip to counter trojan hacking activity by moving a small algorithm to be executed in the key.  A series of various keys includes those can store and encrypt data in a USB dongle.  Also, with industrial keys that supply to software vendor intend to use the key as a microchip on a mother board. 

Sentinel SL Key

A software-based enforcement key which has gained growing interest in compare to hardware dongle.  It has almost identical features of the HL key but with an advantage that can lock down to a fingerprint of the machine that licensed to use the intended software.  The fingerprint includes information from serial number of CPU, hard-disk, memory card, mac address from network card and etc.  It also can be used in preventing duplication usage on virtual machine environment.  This software key can lock into the image’s Identification number to prevent duplication of unlicensed usage in the same computer.  Any software removal and install to a new computer will not be usable due to the fingerprint information will be different.  However, the limitation of the software key compare to hardware key is the flexibility of moving to use the licensed software from computer to computer.  As it main purpose is to use for an intended machines.  Cost of logistic is also lower compare to physical devices.  It has also a designated version for Android based smart phone and tablet with the same purpose.

Sentinel Fit 

Designed for the usage in IOT devices.  Mainly targeting to IOT vendors as IOT device is tiny and have extremely limited storage and processing space for software or operating system.  Often, the vendor will custom their own operating system to be used in their IOT device.  As security and power consumption is the highest priority of the design of IOT devices.  Sentinel Fit is only available for subscription model and delivery in SDK mode to optimize the use in IOT environment.

Sentinel Cloud

To be a hybrid software monetization tool, emerging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is becoming a definite channel of software delivery as a service from the industry.  Thales Sentinel has also designed a product for this space with the focus in authorizing licensed users to use software via SaaS.  The pricing and business model can be also flexible to create, maintain, and supported with Sentinel Cloud module.  It can be also integrated into ERP or CRM of a software vendor for billing, analysis and support purposes.

Sentinel Up

As relationship between software vendors and its end customers is  becoming closer.  Yearly recurring revenue are increasing consistently via  subscription model.  Software vendor will need to also provide technical support to their software and services.  The support often involving security patches, bug fixes and compatibility update.  It can be also a delivery needed when a new feature or module that purchase by the end customer.  This frequent updates and download are massive and resources oriented.  Especially the step and sequence of update often vital for a successful update.  Thus, automating of this process is also becoming a key process in the segment of software monetization.

Enterprise Sentinel RMS + EMS

Right Management System and Enterprise Management system are identical to Sentinel LDK except it is a scale up solution that designed for large enterprise.  Typical use is for multinational companies like HP, Juniper and Philips.  One of the main difference is the provision of ready build connectors and API to integrate with other enterprise solutions.  It is also a highly customization system module that allow localization design of interfaces, workflow, and automation for the vendor’s software monetization process. 

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