Better control over your stock availability, better control over price stability, and better packaged value.

Problem in Stock Availability – An extended program due to continuous ongoing silicon shortage and sourcing disruptions, which have caused a huge problem in the supply chain of many software vendors using the Sentinel HL dongle. The issue has impacted the supply chain of Thales Sentinel and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is no longer able to be committed within the normal time frame.

Uncontrollable Price Stability – Together with the follow-up impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that caused unprecedented inflation across all industries, pressures for price increases have been piling up over years. Prices have already been adjusted twice in 2020 and 2021. This is still a worrying factor and key concern in the years ahead for the price of the end product, together with the increasing support cost for driver compatibility for all OS platforms.

Higher Upfront Cost – Besides protecting the intellectual property (IP) – which includes software codes – of the software vendor, Software Monetization is an ongoing process for software vendors to improve revenue, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Strategies to adopt the practice of Software Monetization will require alternative tools. That includes hardware dongle (HL key), software key (SL key), and cloud support (LDK Cloud). The inclusion of trialware license to further increase the conversion rate of software vendors’ sales process is also becoming crucial.

Overall, the cost of having the Software Licensing and Monetization (SLM) tool for all the above will require substantial investment. This has become an obvious barrier for many software vendors to quickly adopt these alternative tools which can be referred to as “Hybridization” to grow their business.

The Hybrid Migration Plan was created with the goal to resolve all these issues like a “Nothing-to-Lose” deal. The concept of the deal is for you to lock in 3 years forecast of the existing usage of HL keys that will be billed yearly, together with providing a plan to combine the use of Software Key (SL) or migrate from Hardware to Software key completely. This program will bind the stock availability for you at any time that you require both HL and SL keys. As it is a contract, the priority will be managed and pre-planned by Thales to ensure stock availability.

The price across the contracted 3-year period will be honored, as Thales will hedge the price by pre-manufacturing all HL keys required by the customer. In the meantime, Thales will also hedge and maintain the price for SL key over unforeseen costs of product enhancement and support.

Thales’ Hybrid Migration Plan will offer an extended package for the agreed 3-year contract, along with an additional exclusive offer of Perpetual Software Activation module and trial-ware module at no extra cost.

Below is an example of the deal to illustrate the package.

TAA Package

The minimum keys to be ordered start from 100 per year. This migration plan is not only for hybrid of HL and SL key; it can be also contracted for SL key for a period of 3 years to hedge the price stability. In today’s world full of uncertainty, the last thing that any business owner will like to face is “Uncertainty”, and the Hybrid Migration Plan is specifically designed to address this concern.

 If you are unsure which type of package will suit your business needs, feel free to contact us at Matrix Invent for a free consultation on the Hybrid Migration Plan or other packages that will help you achieve your software monetization goals.